Kids Choice Gift Card

Kids Choice Gift Card
Choosing gifts for kids can be tricky, but there’s no need to fret about what to get the little ones in your life with Kids Choice. The Kids Choice gift card is accepted by many high street stores and attractions across the UK. So with just one card, you can give thousands of gifts. From adventures at Go Ape and the latest blockbusters at Vue Cinemas, to books and crafts at Waterstone’s and workshops at Build-a-Bear, there’s something for everyone! Give the gift of choice today. See where Kids Choice vouchers can be used before you buy gift cards for children online. The cards can be loaded with any value from £10 - £200, making them perfect for every occasion; big or small.
The Cardholder Agreement is available from
Hand gift card to employee, the card needs to be swiped through the PDQ via the mag stripe as a Creditcard.
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